April 2005
Stephanie Strickland
with Dave Snyder and Caryl Pagel

May 2005
Brendan Healy and Kathleen Anderson

June 2005
Susanne Buffam
with Chris Bower and Carina Gia Farrero

July 2005
Joe Meno
with Margaret Chapman and Chris Michael Shea

August 2005
Lisa Fishman
with Andrea Rexilius and Bobby Fiesler

September 2005
Sally Keith
with Manda Aufochs Gillespie and Michelle Taransky

October 2005
Dan Stolar
with Kyle Beachy and Melissa Walker

November 2005
Elizabeth Treadwell
with Shannon Mullaly and Philip Jenks

December 2005
Cris Mazza
with Marisa Plumb

January 2006
Devin Johnston
with Nicolette Bond and David Tanury

February 2006
Samantha Hunt
with Emily Anderson and Amanda Marbais

March 2006
Robyn Schiff
with Elizabeth Graettinger and Meg Barboza

April 2006
One Year Anniversary Show
Peter O'Leary and Jon Tipton
plus a menagerie of Powells' North Alumns

May 2006
Peter Orner
with Chaz Reetz-Lailo and Lauren Pretnar

June 2006
nathalie stephens
with Dana Vinger and Allison Gruber

July 2006
Srikanth Reddy
with Amanda Traxler and Kathy Regina

August 2006
Tony Tost
with Della Watson and Olivia Cronk

September 2006
Peter Markus
with Lindsay Hunter and Mary Hamilton

October 2006
Jessica Abel and Matt Madden
with Louie Holwerk and Jes Wigent

November 2006
Jill Riddell presents
Wild Minds & Wild Finds: Nature Writing in Chicago

December 2006
Janet Holmes

December 2006
Powells North @ MCA, hosted by The Literary Gangs of Chicago

January 2007
Zach Barocas
with Justin Palmer and Amira Hanafi

February 2007
Steve Tomasula

March 2007
Beau O'Reilly

April 2007
Joseph Coulson

May 2007
Naeem Murr

May 2007
The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century (Cracked Slab Books) release reading Erica Bernheim, Mark Tardi, Kerri Sonnenberg and Chris Glomski

June 2007
Jeffrey Brown
with Lane Williams and Joanna Kenyon

July 2007
farewell reading for co-organizer Dan Beachy-Quick
featuring Dan Beachy-Quick, Naeem Murr, Leila Wilson, Dan Stolar, and Nick Twemlow

August 2007
p-queue vol. 4 release reading
Meg Barboza, Michael Robbins, David Driscoll, Elizabeth Cross, Michelle Taransky and Jordan Stempleman

September 2007
Nathalie (Nathanaël) Stephens, Bin Ramke, and Deb Olin Unferth
hosted by Terri Kapsalis

September 2007
Nick Mamatas
with writers from Lake Forrest College

October 2007

November 2007
Oni Buchanan and John Woodward
with Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf and Katherine Harbaugh

January 2008

February 2008
Daniel Tiffany
with Ira Murfin and Meredith Clark

March 2008
Gillian Conoley

March 2008
Stacey Levine

April 2008
Dan Machlin
with Heidi McKye and Sarah Rosenblum

May 2008
Dan Beachy-Quick
with Erin O'Neill and Kristen Courtney Phillip

June 2008
Nam Le
with Devin Bustin and Sarah Rosenblum

July 2008
Jonathan Messinger

August 2008
Gabriel Gudding

August 2008
Averill Curdy

October 2008
John Taggart

December 2008
John Keene

January 2009
Mickle Maher

February 2009
AWP Offsite Reading !!!! with Don Mee Choi and Kim Hyesoon (Action Books); Daniel Borzutzky and Jennifer Scappettone (Circumference); Annie Finch and Thom Ward (Drunken Boat); Suzanne Buffam and Srikanth Reddy (jubilat); Arda Collins and Noah Eli Gordon (A Public Space); Ellen Dore Watson and Matthew Zapruder (Words Without Borders)

February 2009
Eula Biss

March 2009
Kyle Beachy